Laureate Wealth Management

The Laureate Wealth Distinction

The Laureate Distinction

As wealth increases, the task of managing it can become burdensome. Complicated investments, multiple conflicting advisors, and irrational markets can create a sense of urgency to regain control, to finally stop being reactive and start proactively managing wealth.

Laureate Wealth Management exists to serve and oversee the wealth management needs of affluent families. With over twenty years of combined experience, our team has helped clients navigate a myriad of wealth management issues. We provide families with an in-depth analysis of all investments, a review of all insurance policies, real estate portfolio oversight, and even bill pay services. All of this work is then coordinated with the relevant estate and tax planning professionals. Our passion is to turn the weight of managing complex wealth into a cohesive process enabling a family to pursue its own passions and dreams.

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